1. Loops and samples offered by Loopacks are royalty free, once purchased or downloaded - you can use them freely in your recordings. You may share your recordings freely. However, You can not sell your Loopacks recordings to commercial entities.
  2. You may not resell, re-license, trade, upload, download, copy, share or distribute the sounds. They are licensed only to you. Ownership remains with MuzicApps.
  3. Sounds, loops and samples offered by Loopacks are licensed to you, not sold.
  4. You can edit or re-work the sounds and recordings in your own tracks, songs, music, video games etc.
  5. Unauthorized use or duplication of MuzicApps’ Loopacks is a violation of the ‘Terms & Conditions’ and is strictly prohibited by the Law of Israel and other countries.
Thank you for using Loopacks.

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